Automation and Measurement Section

Key activities:

  • Technical testing of automatic control systems
  • Acceptance tests before commissioning of power units performed for PSE-Operator SA
  • Acceptance tests of power units providing system services for PSE-Operator SA
  • Turbine governor testing
  • Technical consulting related to the defense of power units against blackouts
  • Modernization of the existing control structures of power units
  • Start-up of new systems for automatic control and measurements
  • Optimization of the selected automatic control systems with regard to technical-economic aspects
  • Testing of measuring equipment and systems as well as adjusting elements


Automation and Measurement Section
Manager: Wieńczysław Wasik
tel. +48 32 237 63 82
fax +48 32 237 63 01
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Technical testing of automatic control systems

The tests and measurements of automatic control systems aim to comprehensively examine their operation at the plant, evaluate their operational usability and check if basic and specific requirements are met.
The subject of measurements and tests are not only individual automatic control systems and complex automatic equipment but also the selected functional groups related to, for instance, load control, combustion process or medium temperature. These are necessary tests during reconstruction, construction and commissioning of new plants.
The measurement method consists in forcing a standard change in the state of the plant and then logging signals essential for operation of the tested automatic control systems. A set of forcing signals is typical and commonly used at all tested plants, therefore, it is possible to compare systems of the same type. The signals are registered by means of high class multi-channel digital and analog loggers. The obtained time curves are analyzed and cited in the test report.

The services aim to:
  • assess the correctness of design (algorithms) and assembly
  • check the compliance of functions and parameters with the requirements
  • verify the correctness of the selected static and dynamic parameters
  • check operation under simulated emergency conditions
  • determine the reasons for identified deficiencies and present the way of their elimination
  • give opinions on meeting the agreed requirements and guarantee data
  • give opinions on possible commissioning.
The basic documents include:
  • national and foreign standards
  • UCTE Requirements (west European system and power equipment)
  • requirements of PSE OPERATOR SA
  • Technical Acceptance Conditions and contracts for delivery and reconstruction.

Acceptance tests before commissioning of power units

We perform acceptance tests required before commissioning of power units for PSE OPERATOR SA in public and industrial power industry in accordance with suitable standards cited in contracts for equipment delivery.
We always prepare a detailed test program on the basis of contracts between the Investor and PSE OPERATOR SA.

The acceptance tests usually comprise:

  • generating capacity tests
  • reliability operational tests of power units
  • control and acceptance measurements of automatic frequency and power control systems
  • acceptance tests of power units enabling power decrease down to the level of auxiliary power consumption
  • measurements and acceptance tests of readiness of power units to protect and restore power supply of the National Electric Power System
  • acceptance measurements of the power unit during operation at technical minimum
  • tests of start-up times from different thermal states of the power unit after its standstill.

We carry out the tests in compliance with the valid Instructions for Operation of Transmission Lines and appropriate contract provisions. They are commonly based on the indications of operational apparatus installed at the tested plants.

Tests of measuring equipment and systems as well as adjusting elements

For more than 50 years the Automation and Measurement Section has been involved in measuring equipment and systems installed at power plants, combined heat and power plants and other industrial plants. The obtained experience, valid procedures and precise control apparatus enable us to offer a number of services, for instance:

  • tests and calibration of measuring-calculating systems for thermal energy of water and steam
  • analysis, expertise and technical consulting during performance of new investment projects
  • checking and calibration of complete measuring systems for typical physical quantities (pressure, temperature, liquid flow, etc.)
  • audits of measuring systems as regards assembly correctness, apparatus selection and calibration as well as the correctness of calculating impact elements
  • tests at our water stand which meet the requirements of PN-EN ISO 5167-1 concerning straight measuring sections of pipelines of the majority of common flow meters within the range up to DN250
  • control measurements of liquid flows in the pipelines of the diameter from 25 to 2500 mm using non-invasive ultrasound flow meter.

Besides, at our water stand we test the characteristics and flow factors of control valves, throttles and cut-off valves of the nominal diameters from 15 to 250 mm.