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Division of Environmental Protection


Director of the Division:
Eugeniusz Głowacki
tel. +48 32 237 65 03
fax +48 32 237 65 01
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Division of Environmental Protection performs expert tasks related to environmental protection by supervising processes of pro-ecological modernization and construction of new environmental protection equipment.

We have multi-year experience in measurements of pollutant emissions, performance measurements of Flue Gas Desulphurization Installations, measurements of electrostatic precipitators, bag filters and other environmental protection equipment. We also deal with diagnostics of the above-mentioned equipment determining its remaining lifetime and possible improvement of technical parameters.

We have a rich experience in the utilization of by-products of hard coal and lignite combustion and in the scope of their possible economic use. We develop technologies of dust and slag mass utilization in building engineering, mining, agriculture, metallurgy, foundry, drilling industry, etc. We test properties and determine possible utilization of flue gas desulphurization products and wastes from fluidized-bed furnaces.

We develop and implement production technologies of solidifying solid mixtures, dust-based suspensions, FGD products, mine sludge, wastewater and other wastes which are useful in engineering work and to obtain building aggregates, prepare materials to fill mine workings, protect against dusting, reduce the elution of soluble components, as well as in solidification, utilization or safe storage of sludge, deposits and wastewater.

For several tens of years the Division has been performing complex site and laboratory tests in the vicinity of industrial plants, waste landfills and motorways which are the basis for:

  • assessing the influence on water environment, air, noise level, soils, plants and forests,
  • evaluating the efficiency of the selected technological solutions and correctness of operation of the monitored facilities,
  • meeting the obligations imposed on industrial plants by appropriate institutions (realization of administrative decisions).

We perform testing related to biomass combustion, thermal utilization of wastes and implementation of new techniques of SO2and NOx.

Energopomiar has obtained the PCA Accreditation No. AB 550, which covers gas and noise emission measurements and natural radioactivity testing performed in the Division of Environmental Protection.