Wastes Utilization Section


Wastes Utilization Section
Manager: Sonia Jarema - Suchorowska
tel. +48 32 237 65 11
fax +48 32 237 65 01
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The Wastes Utilization Section provides the following services:

  • Natural radioactivity tests
  • Combustion by-product management
  • Environmental protection consulting and reports:
    • environmental impact reports
    • applications for integrated and partial permits for environmental pollution emissions
  • EU grants consulting

When developing applications for integrated permits or environmental impact reports, the specialists of the Wastes Utilization Section cooperate with the Environmental Protection Section. Interdisciplinary activities, in which specialists of different sections of Energopomiar take part, comprise also consulting services related to gaining the EU grants for investment projects.

Natural radioactivity tests

According to the valid legal regulations, the level of natural radioactivity in raw materials and materials determines their possible utilization in construction industry. The concentration of naturally radioactive elements has been tested by the Division of Environmental Protection of Energopomiar for over 30 years. Therefore, we are widely experienced as regards concentration values of naturally radioactive elements in dust, slag, flue gas desulphurization products formed in the process of steam coal combustion, raw materials, building materials and others. Every year we make about 300 natural radioactivity tests and on that basis we assess the suitability of materials for production of building materials, in mining, for land grading and reclamation. We have had the Accreditation No. AB 550 for natural radioactivity tests issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation in Warsaw, compliant with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

We test natural radioactivity of:

  • dust, slag, flue gas desulphurization products from coal combustion
  • raw materials and building materials
  • cement, lime, gypsum
  • ceramic products, ceramic building materials, ceramic tiles
  • natural stone, mining products
  • glass fibers and glass fiber products
  • non-metallic mineral products and other solid materials.

Major plants where we have tested natural radioactivity in recent years include:

  • Power Plants: Bełchatów, Turów, Łagisza, Jaworzno III, Siersza, Połaniec, Kozienice, Skawina, Ostrołęka, Pątnów, Adamów, Konin, et al.
  • CHP Plants: Wrocław, Katowice, Bytom, Żerań, Bielsko-Biała, Będzin, et al.
  • EPO Sp. z o.o., H+H Polska Sp. z o.o., VKN Polska Sp. z o.o., Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, „Wacław Jopek” Building Ceramics Factory Sp. z o.o., FERROCARBO Sp. z o.o., Geological Company SA in Cracow, PPH UTEX Sp. z o.o., PPHU ECOBET Sp. z o.o., Research and Development Centre KGHM CUPRUM Sp. z o.o., CRH KLINKIER Sp. z o.o.

The cyclic tests of natural radioactivity allow a safe application of the investigated materials.

Combustion by-product management

The processes of converting solid fuels into energy are accompanied by the formation of combustion by-products (CBP), namely:

  • fly ash
  • slag
  • dust and slag mixtures
  • cenospheres
  • flue gas desulphurization products
  • fluidized-bed combustion products.

Based on our multi-year experience, we determine possibilities of combustion by-product management and develop the corresponding technologies in compliance with the environmental protection principles. The technologies are adjusted to particular CBP properties and client requests.
The scope of our services covers:

  • tests and assessment of CBP properties, including:
    • accredited tests of physico-chemical properties: chemical composition as regards basic components and trace elements (Accreditation No. AB 550), natural radioactivity (Accreditation No. AB 702), among others
    • content of combustibles as organic carbon
    • grain-size analysis
    • characteristic density
    • leachability
    • compression strength
    • water permeability
    • freeze resistance, etc.
  • evaluation of economic utilization possibilities
  • development of management technology by:
    • laboratory- and industrial-scale technological testing
    • tests and assessment of product properties
    • obtaining technical approvals for new products
  • installation concept according to the developed technology, technical process supervision during the elaboration of technical documentation, technology start-up of the installation.

We offer the following technologies of combustion by-product processing:

  • pelletizing
  • production and application of suspensions
  • production and application of stabilizers
  • utilization of CBP as fillers and substitutes of raw materials and binders
  • other ways of CBP processing according to clients’ specific requirements.

Our services allow clients’ adaptation to the legal requirements, and in particular, enable the identification of CBP properties, choice of optimum method of CBP economic utilization, including technology development and supervision of its implementation, financial benefits due to the sales of new type of products, decrease in production costs, reduction of fees for waste storing.

EU grants consulting

Ever since the possibility of investment co-financing by the EU structural funds emerged in Poland, Energopomiar has been actively involved in obtaining grants, mainly for pro-ecological investment projects in public power industry. The consulting services related to gaining the EU grants comprise:

  • Development of a co-financing application
  • Development of technical concepts of investment projects, feasibility study and economic and financial analysis
  • Development of environmental impact reports and participation in environmental impact assessment.

Energopomiar is also engaged in formal and legal monitoring of the realization of investment projects co-financed from the EU funds, which consists, among others, in the assistance in project financial settlement, elaboration of reports on project realization and preparation of payment applications.
Moreover, Energopomiar confirms ecological effects resulting from the investment realization.

So far Energopomiar has prepared 22 applications concerning the Measure 2.4: ‘Support for investments adapting enterprises to environmental protection standards’ within the Sectoral Operational Program: ‘Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises. As many as 20 of them were accepted. The applications referred to:

  • construction and modernization of FGD Installations (9)
  • modernization of cooling towers (5)
  • modernization of electrostatic precipitators (3)
  • construction of biomass co-firing installations (2).

    The remaining applications concerned the construction of a slag tank, modernization of the boiler, connection of the power plant and the CHP plant by the steam collector. The value of the realized investment projects ranged from PLN 10.8 million to PLN 144 million. The total funding in 2005-2006 obtained by the sector of public power industry, for which Energopomiar prepared the application documentation, amounted to PLN 188.2 million.

    Within the EU funds for 2007-2013 Energopomiar is preparing a complete application documentation concerning the Operational Program: ‘Infrastructure and Environment’ for Priority IV ‘Investments adapting enterprises to environmental protection standards’ and Priority IX ‘Environmentally friendly power Infrastructure and power efficiency’, among others.

    In 2009, Energopomiar took the third place in the category ‘Grants for Eco-Investments’ in the ranking of ‘Consultants and EU Funds’ of Forbes monthly magazine. In the general classification of the ranking ‘Consultants for Firms - Polish Programs’ our company had the 18th place.