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Division of Chemistry and Diagnostics


Director of the Division:
Artur Jasinski
tel. +48 32 237 64 00
fax +48 32 237 64 01
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Division of Chemistry and Diagnostics provides services related to anti-corrosion protection, maintenance of equipment before standstill periods by various methods, determination of chemical regimes of cycle medium, testing of paint coats and rubber lining of equipment particularly of Flue Gas Desulphurisation Installations (FGD), electromagnetic filtration of turbine condensates, implementation of the “Kombi” regime, post-assembly chemical cleaning of power equipment including removal of operational deposits. Post-assembly chemical cleaning is supplemented by the blowdown process to remove mechanical impurities. We have the approval of the Office of Technical Inspection to carry out chemical cleaning of inspection equipment.

Our offer related to material diagnostics covers non-destructive tests of wall thickness of equipment parts, flaw detection tests of pressure elements of power units, metal testing and assessment of the wear degree of parts of power unit installations. The Metal Science and Corrosion Section meets the criteria of PN-EN ISO/TEC 17025:2005 and requirements of DT-L/95 Specification (Approval Certificate No. CLDT-LB-112/07). We take preventive measures concerning materials, which comprise the quantitative testing of deposits on external and internal heat exchange surfaces, material assessment and also preventive measures in the scope of suspension measurements and regulation. We maintain power units before long-lasting standstill.

As regards water and wastewater management, we provide pre-designing, equipment start-up, post-assembly measurements and acceptance tests, supervision of preliminary operation of water treatment plants, technological processes as well as operating measurements of water demineralization stations and water treatment plants, tests of the state of ion exchangers including determination of the necessity of their exchange or make up. We implement new ion exchange techniques in water and steam cycles. We participate in developing water and legal permissions related to water and wastewater management and in wastewater analysis for supervisory institutions of the state administration. Our services also cover the technology start-up of wastewater treatment plants and neutralizers.

We give opinions on the designs of sampling installations and apparatus for continuous physico-chemical measurements of cycle medium. We also provide consulting services related to the plant’s chemical installations including their deliveries, assembly and start-up. Besides, we offer periodic maintenance (constant supervision), calibration and checking of apparatus for measuring physical and chemical parameters and its repair, production of measuring equipment, post-assembly acceptance of installations including testing of their conformity with the design, the Polish standards as well as the valid regulations of the Technical Inspection Office and the Occupational Safety and Hygiene Regulations.