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Consulting and Investor Supervision Office


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Consulting and Investor Supervision Office provides services of the Owner’s Engineer according to the FIDIC standards and the EU directives, as well as project management, investment consulting and preparation, tender arrangement and conduction. We render services of an independent technical consultant for banks and other financing institutions at each stage of an investment process – starting from preparatory and study work through supervision of current investment processes and ending with acceptance and assistance in a further operation of the plant (e.g.: start-up of thermal installations or water and wastewater installations).

Depending on the system that the Investor adopts to realize an investment or modernization process, Energopomiar undertakes appropriate activities aimed at performing specific tasks and plays a role of the investment advisor (i.e.: a consultant according to FIDIC - Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils), Owner’s Engineer, investment supervisor, substitute investor or any other function, depending on the Client’s actual needs and expectations.

We perform tasks basing on the methodology compliant with international standards (eg. FIDIC). It refers to all areas of investment management like formal, personnel or financial structure, material scope, quality assurance, information flow, orders and deliveries. This kind of management allows effective planning, realization and control of investment-modernization projects adequately meeting the needs. Thus the Investor may expect the following advantages:

  • optimization of the complete investment process
  • meeting the planned budget
  • suitable quality
  • compliance with time schedules
  • effective protection of the Investor’s interests.

The scope of services:

  • Investor supervision
  • Consulting on tender arrangement and conduction
  • Construction supervision (comprising all branches according to the Building Law)
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Independent Technical Consultant for banks and financing institutions
  • Financial consulting services for investment processes (financial monitoring of the investment process, economic profitability analysis)
  • Calculation of the fixed assets of power industry companies, fair value evaluation.