About us

Mission of ENERGOPOMIAR: By improving energy and industrial processes we ensure safety, comfort and purity of the natural environment

Energopomiar is a limited liability company
The company structure consists of the following organizational units:

Energopomiar renders measuring, research and consulting services related to energy, thermal and mechanical processes, systems and equipment, power plant chemistry and environmental protection. Besides, our activity comprises chemical and physico-chemical analysis, consulting services as regards investment and modernization process management and Owner’s Engineer services.

We undertake new consulting and research work, which is the answer to the most essential problems of the market. Beside measurements and testing, also consulting services play a great role in solving problems related to operation, energy efficiency, emission limit fulfillment and construction of new generating capacity.

Energy efficiency audits, services related to electricity generation in high efficiency cogeneration and from renewable energy sources, PRTR reports, EU fund application documents – these are examples of tasks by which the scope of Energopomiar’s offer has been extended in recent years. At present, we are preparing to develop services in new areas, in nuclear power industry and clean coal technologies, among others.


Our distinguishing features:
  • wide range of services and references
  • professional engineering staff
  • modern measuring & testing apparatus and mobile laboratories
  • accreditations and authorizations to ensure top quality services.



Energopomiar has performed tasks at all Polish public power plants and CHP plants and at majority of industrial CHP plants. Moreover, the company renders services for customers from various branches of industry, heating and municipal economy.

The company’s references cover also tasks carried out abroad: in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Bielorussia, Algeria, Egypt, India, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan and Lithuania.


Energopomiar has always taken pride in its highly qualified engineering staff in many specialties. Knowledge, experience and perfect acquaintance with plants of the Polish power industry are our competitive advantage. At present, the company employs 260 people.

For 60 years, the employees of Energopomiar have submitted many solutions to the Patent Office, which are legally protected as patents or utility patterns, and have published several hundred papers in technical magazines, which refer to all kinds of problems faced by the Polish power industry.


The cooperation of Energopomiar with scientific institutions, universities and other public organizations significantly enhances scientific and technical progress in Poland.

The Company is an active partner of different organizations and associations. Energopomiar and its employees are members or representatives of:

  • Economic Chamber of Power Industry and Environmental Protection
  • Polish Ecology Chamber
  • Polish Forum ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and POLLAB
  • Association of Polish Electrical Engineers
  • Polish Association of Laboratory Emission

Our specialists participate in the tasks performed by Working Groups of the Economic Society Polish Power Plants. Energopomiar also cooperates with the Polish Society of Public CHP Plants.

Energopomiar is a member of the Technical Committees of the Polish Committee for Standardization, i.e.:

  • Technical Committee No. 47: Water Pumps and Turbines
  • Technical Committee No. 121: Water Quality – Chemical Testing – Inorganic Substances
  • Technical Committee No. 137: Thermal and Mechanical Equipment in Power Industry.