konferencja_energopomiarFor many years Energopomiar has been contributing to the spread of technical knowledge by active participation in seminars and conferences and also by organization of conferences:
  • ‘Flue Gas Desulphurization Installations – Operating Experience’,
  • ‘Diagnostics and Chemistry for Power Industry’.
Both the conferences are organized every two years.
In recent years the company has been also a host of the conferences: ‘High Efficiency Cogeneration, Green Energy, CO2 Emission – Requirements, Methodology and Control of Operation from a Practical Perspective’ (2007), ‘Fuel Economy and Technical Control of Operation of Power Plants and CHP Plants’ (2008) and ‘Energy Efficiency in Power Industry and Industry – A Practical Approach’ (2010).
On March 4, 2010, the conference ‘Nuclear Power Industry as a Chance for Polish Industry and Service Companies’ was organized in Warsaw by Energopomiar and the Economic Chamber of Power Industry and Environmental Protection.
Conferences and discussion forums of Energopomiar enhance exchange of experience, creative discussion of specialists of the corresponding branch and integration of the environment.