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Division of Thermal Technique


Director of the Division: Edward Magiera
tel. +48 32 237 63 00
fax +48 32 237 63 01
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Division of Thermal Technique tests all types of boilers, turbines and their auxiliaries, including all types of sets of mills, fans, coolers, cooling systems and heating systems. We have rich experience in testing power units equipped with traditional boilers or fluidized bed boilers and also gas-steam units

We test and analyze the lifetime of particular elements of boilers and turbines, e.g. evaporator screens (working medium circulation, metal temperature), and are involved in modernization, optimization and visualization activities related to the systems of control and measurement instruments and automation.

The scope of our services includes acceptance operations to check if the technical requirements specified in the contract concluded by parties of the investment process are met. We also offer acceptance tests of the systems of automatic frequency and power control installed at generation units and tests of their capability to participate in power supply protection and restoration for the National Electric Power System.

We prepare technical and economic analysis related to technological processes at power plants and combined heat and power plants, cost analysis of electric energy and heat generation and cost analysis of system services and power reserve. We determine and indicate possible improvement of operation indices in power industry by performing energy audits and benchmarking studies. We design and implement the systems for balancing and supervision of operation of power plants and combined heat and power plants based on TKE® Technical and Economic Control of Operation. The solutions derived from knowledge and experience gained by our specialists enable power plant operating and management personnel to ensure optimum operation and current supervision of power units to minimize production costs while taking account of the valid legal regulations.

Our services also cover numerous consulting tasks in the field of high efficiency cogeneration, green energy, CO2 emissions and energy effectiveness of equipment and systems.

The specialists of the Division of Thermal Technique provide technical consulting services and participate in the tasks of the Owner’s Engineer Team within major investment and modernization projects for national power industry – in the scope of technical supervision, factory acceptance tests and opinions on equipment (boilers, turbines, pumps, fans, compressors, transformers, generators, burners, facilities, heat exchangers, coolers, etc.).

The Division of Thermal Technique makes analysis and expertise requested by branch institutions and organizations, e.g. ‘A Methodical Guide to Standardizing Hard Coal Management at Power Plants and Combined Heat and Power Plants’ prepared for the Economic Society Polish Power Plants. The Guide specifies the principles and guidelines for hard coal management, i.e. hard coal delivery and consumption with respect to the control of its amount, quality and record, and also presents differences resulting from the application of various calculation methods.

Our employees are highly qualified engineers in many areas. They take part in the tasks of Technical Committees of the Polish Committee for Standardization on thermal and mechanical equipment in power industry as well as water pumps and turbines.

The services of the Division of Thermal Technique are aimed at power plants and public / industrial combined heat and power plants. We offer services to Clients in the sectors of heavy and chemical industries, district heating and municipal management.

The obtained references comprise our tasks performed also abroad, i.e. in Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Bielorussia, India, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Lithuania, among others.